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In a world full of busy and fragmented lives, T-Mobile’s wireless voice, messaging, and data services create connections and help their customers stick together. Peak Creative has been producing events and videos, designing websites and brochures, for T-Mobile since 2005. We opened our Seattle office in 2006 to better serve T-Mobile’s corporate communications, engineering, and human resource teams with a medley of internal communications through a variety of vehicles. From t-shirts and flyers to product launches and promotions, we’re right there when they need our help reaching out to their over 33,000 employees and 33 million customers. Peak Creative also produces on-campus events and webcasts at T-Mobile headquarters in Bellevue, Washington.

01T-Mobile: HSPA+ Product Launch

From the moment the elevator doors opened, the ambiance was all about T-Mobile at this 2011 Washington, D.C., product launch. Geared toward gaining government contracts, T-Mobile wanted to woo potential clients in a luxuriously brand-rich space. Peak Creative won a BMA Colorado Gold Key Award for our success in transforming a 6,000-square-foot meeting space at the Ronald Reagan Building into an unmistakably welcoming T-Mobile environment.
T-Mobile DC Event

02T-Mobile: A Day in the Life Video

Looking to educate employees and consumers about available data plans, T-Mobile asked Peak Creative to produce a video short demonstrating the difference in data needs. This high-concept piece has viewers experience and quickly identify with the daily routines of two very different data users.

03T-Mobile: Big 5 Event

T-Mobile revealed and reinforced their “Big 5” priorities for the upcoming year at this 3,000-person, three-day rally at the Colorado Convention Center in 2008. Peak Creative handled all event planning and production, including stage design and audio/visual support for the 20’ x 50’ main stage fed by six projectors. But our favorite part was hobnobbing with the event’s special guest, NBA star Charles Barkley.
T-Mobile Denver Big 5 Event

04T-Mobile: Big 5 Welcome Kit

Attendees had area maps and information, along with personalized agendas, waiting for them when they arrived at Big 5 thanks to a 3,500-person room drop coordinated by Peak Creative.
T-Mobile Big 5 Welcome Kit

05T-Mobile: Speed Challenge Video

T-Mobile turned to Peak Creative for a viral video to promote their Galaxy vs. iPhone "speed challenge" in 2011. The video became a quick hit with over 40,000 views.

06T-Mobile: Challenger Roadshow

T-Mobile asked “Are you ready to be a Challenger?” And a resounding “Yes!” was heard across the U.S. as the senior team presented their annual business goals in person to over 8,300 employees. In early 2011, Peak Creative hit the road with T-Mobile to produce this series of town-hall meetings, stopping by 23 cities in just nine weeks. Peak Creative handled all logistics, from senior-team travel to event locations, hotels, catering, and audio/visual production.
T-Mobile Challenger Events