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When Prosch Consulting envisioned this medical data integration solution, they followed the teachings from Occam’s Razor Theory — the simplest solution is best. They even named the software Occam. Now solving hospital patient identity problems, Occam is getting patient information where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

01Occam: Website Launch Site

While we always set out to exceed client expectations, sometimes we even surpass our own. Site build and launch in less than one week’s time to meet a client’s deadline for a trade show? A responsive site that looks fantastic? No problem! (Stay tuned for phase two.)
Occam website

02Occam: Logo

Occam Logo

03Prosch: Website Launch Site

Prosch Consulting is good at what they do, really good. But their website spoke more to their technical side than their distinctively warm approach to solving technical conundrums. Peak Creative was happy to help them revamp that image. In a brand-strategy session, a Prosch client gushed "they're my heroes!" And a few months later, a super-powered image for these healthcare integration consultants came to life. Prosch wanted to retain their existing and extensive archive of informational articles that enjoy high traffic on their website. Peak's information architecture process thoroughly explored the organization and taxonomy of all existing content to develop a forward-thinking and flexible plan. Multiple custom templates and a simplified navigational structure were implemented to accommodate refined content needs.
Prosch website refresh