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Info Cubic is a business built on real people, offering personalized background screenings, giving their clients peace of mind. Now nicknamed “The Cube,” this customer-service-centric company is enjoying the surge of new business brought on by their updated identity and web presence.

01Info Cubic: Identity

Well-defined business goals and an intriguing company personality were guiding beacons as Peak Creative rebuilt the identity of this award-winning business. Their business cards were printed on a cotton-fiber paper with a column-like texture.
Info Cubic logo and printed identity items

02Info Cubic: Website Launch Site

Peak Creative's information architecture exploration involved a full content analysis and strategy development. The results of this process were a new streamlined architecture, refined content flow, and a complete rebranding. These upgrades have yielded notable improvements in SEO results and user experience. Page layouts utilize AJAX methods to provide a smooth and efficient experience.
Info Cubic website redesign

03Info Cubic: Tablet Sales Presentation

Gone are the days of paper presentations. The Cube now delivers stunning sales proposals using electronic tablets equipped with branded informational and interactive materials.
Info Cubic iPad presentation graphics