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Forever at the forefront of animal care, management, and conservation, Denver Zoo is now adding a 10-acre exhibit to their 80-acre footprint in Denver’s City Park. Powered by a biomass gasification system that converts poop to power, their new exhibit advances conservation, research, and ecotourism while immersing guests in Asian wildlife and culture. Peak Creative is proud of the supporting role we played in getting this exhibit up and running.

01Denver Zoo: Mimi and Dolly Moving Crates

Animals and staff both need lots of time to prepare, train, and acclimate to a new facility before it opens. Zoo matriarchs Mimi and Dolly spent several months getting to know their moving crate before being transported to their new digs at the Zoo’s Asian Tropics exhibit. Peak Creative designed this graphic wrap, turning a functional piece of equipment into a fundraising opportunity.
Denver Zoo Crate Graphics

02Denver Zoo: Asian Tropics Brochure

Denver Zoo began fundraising efforts for their Asian Tropics exhibit in 2006. Peak Creative designed the look and feel for the Zoo’s development campaign, with this oversized brochure leading the way. Coordinated corporate giving and legacy brochures, along with bookmarks, coin banks, posters, stationery, and notebooks made out of elephant-poop paper, also supported the Zoo’s mission to raise $50 million.
Denver Zoo Asian Tropics folder

03Denver Zoo: Asian Tropics Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail designs by Peak Creative have helped the Zoo succeed in reaching their $50 million goal. The Asian Tropics exhibit is now scheduled to open in June 2012.
Denver Zoo Asian Tropics mail campaign

04Denver Zoo: Annual Report

Peak Creative has worked with Denver Zoo’s president’s office for the past five years to design and produce their annual reports, beginning with this beauty. Peak Creative helped the Zoo make an eco-conscious move away from paper to electronic-only reports in 2009.
Denver Zoo Annual Report